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"It's always best to do it right the first time" ~MR


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Dear Customer,

My name is Mitch Robertson and my company is Immaculate Connections, Inc. We are based in the San Fernando Valley but work throughout the country performing excellent low voltage cabling, equipment integration and maintenance in commercial facilities.

We have a successful history of working with Fortune 500 Companies such as Walt Disney and Clear Channel Communications. Our products are in use throughout the world in elite broadcast facilities, office buildings, studios and stages. Every day there are literally millions of dollars riding on our work, and we are proud to say that we have achieved 100% client satisfaction!

ICI gets it right the first time, builds to high standards, meets deadlines and stays on budget. We work closely with our customers to build systems that serve dependably and efficiently. Neatness is stressed in all aspects, from the work area itself, to our final product. Our ability to see the whole picture with an eye for detail has brought us much repeat business.

We are Bonded, Insured for Liability and carry Workers Comp. for our workers. To meet our customers' modern wiring needs we are certified by the Building Industries Consulting Services, International (BICSI) to install structured cabling for high speed network and telecommunications systems.

When you have a minute please give me a call. I look forward to meeting at your convenience to answer questions and discuss your needs. For info and examples of our work checkout our website at

Thank you for your time!

Mitch Robertson

Cell 818 687 0785

Letter Of Recommendation from Disney's Engineering Manager Brian Clark (PDF)

Services Offered
Build New Facilities
Including all types of audio, video and telecommunications and equipment integrations.
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Maintain Existing Facilities
Take care of Moves, Adds, Changes....
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Studio Detailing Services
Detailed cleaning of delicate equipment that ordinary cleaning crews don't touch. Mixing Consoles, Control Surfaces, Keyboards, Phones and other user handled equipment cleaned and disinfected. Proper cleaning of Monitors, Faceplates, Speakers and Air Registers (which are usually covered in dust).
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Custom Built Cabling
Including Pro Audio, Video, Data, Fiber Optic and Network cabling.
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Commercial, Residential & Home Theater Design, Integration & Installation
CA Low Voltage Contractor License #926762
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About Us

Over the years we've fabricated just about every studio related cable imaginable. From your basic XLR-to-whatever, to custom audio and video patchbays, to specialized adapters, to fiber connections. As studio integration specialist we need to be proficient at building anything related to audio, coaxial, control and computers.

  • We build beautiful Pro Tools Harnesses including cable sets for HD.
  • Multitrack cable harnesses for tape machines or DAW's. Opposite ends terminate in ELCO's, line connectors or patchbays.
  • Mic Cables built with special quad conductor cable.
  • MIDI cables for live and studio use.
  • Wire your entire road setup. We take extra measures to ensure that your connections hold up and sound good when you're out taking it to the people.
  • All of our assemblies include full documentation and machine printed labels on all ends. We can even customize your identification info onto snake labels.

  • In a fixed situation inside of studio furniture we normally don't cover audio pairs in a breakout with anything. In a situation where a cable will be plugged and unplugged or moved around we cover each pair with Flexo Sleeving. The Flexo is used to prevent tangles and protect the pair. We also use it to group pairs together such as on a 16 pair HD harness where 8 of the pairs split out to inputs, the 8 others go to outputs. Each group is covered with Flexo. It protects, prevents those nasty tangles and looks great.

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    Studio Breakout Box will appear here!
    Above is an example of a studio breakout box harness custom built to plug into the back of a mixer.

    Cabling harness
    This is a cable harness used to connect to a Scott Studios SS32 Automated System.

    ProTools Digi 001 harness
    Custom built to connect to a Digi 001 ProTools interface. Pairs 1 and 2 plug in in the front of the unit.

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    Contact Us
    Immaculate Connections, Inc.
    6038 Tampa Avenue #356
    Tarzana, CA 91356
    Office 818 457 1070
    Fax 818 996 0880
    CA Low Voltage Contractor License #926762
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