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This page is a place holder for the home page of your own web site.

Publishing Your Site

Use the FTP built into your favorite web site design software, or your favorite FTP application to move your site's pages and images to the web server.
* Hint
Be certain the name of the file for your new home page is: index.html

Or, if using Microsoft FrontPageTM,  publish your site to:
The username when publishing using the Microsoft FrontPage
TM software will always be: webmaster

Site Administration

Site administrators can view their disk usage, view the Webalizer statistics, add email addresses, configure spam filter settings, and create mailing lists by logging in at the url below.

Once you enter this URL, you will be prompted for a user name and password. If you need to login as the site administrator, enter the user name and password from your web site settings email.



The webmail is accessed at:

The username and password are unique to each email address and would match what you will create from your siteadmin.

The first time you log in, the webmail will prompt you to configure your personal settings. You can generally leave the default settings. 

On the next page you will want to click on the small gear icon (User Preferences).
- From that page you will see a small icon at the top, second from the left, it looks like two envelopes; that is the  "Edit personal email addresses" icon.  
-On the "Edit personal email addresses" page you will want to type in the email address you want to show up when you send email.
- Under "Real name" you would normally type in your actual name or company name.

Setting your webmail account to delete messages marked as SPAM
In order to set your webmail account to delete messages that the spam filter has marked as spam, you will need to click on the Mail Filter Setup icon (it looks like two small envelopes, one gray and one yellow). On the Mail Filter Setup page, you will need to type the word SPAM in the String field, then click the Add/Modify button to the right.


Shopping Cart

Integrating the shop with your site is a matter of filling out your information from the shopping cart admin page which would be at:

Click on each of the menu options and fill in the information required; one of the menu selections will bring you to the inventory setup page where you'll need to add each of your items to the shop inventory of items for sale.

Once you have the shop configured, link to either:

1. The shop main entrance at http://www.icwiring.com/shop/

2. A shop category:

3. An individual item within the shop:

4. Or you can copy the item HTML from the shop/owner  Edit Inventory page to your regular HTML pages, This way you can add the Buy buttons to your individual pages.

5. If your page ends in .shtml instead of .html, then  you can also use the "Server Side Include" method to automatically include single items or whole categories of items with a single line of code. With this method whenever you update the shopping cart database, the changes are automatically reflected on your pages.


The Webalizer statistics are available from within your
Simply click the "Usage Information" menu item, then "Webalizer"

The AW-Stats Statistics are accessible at the url below using the same username and password as you would use to access your siteadmin.

In order to help your site to be found by the search engines, don't forget to submit it to our 
Gift Buyers Resource Center
Preferred Resources Information
(The password is near the bottom of your Web Site Settings email)

Pre-installed scripts


Pre-installed scripts including the phpbb discussion board.