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Over the years we've fabricated just about every studio related cable imaginable. From your basic XLR-to-whatever, to custom audio and video patchbays, to specialized adapters, to fiber connections. As studio integration specialist we need to be proficient at building anything related to audio, coaxial, control and computers.

  • We build beautiful Pro Tools Harnesses including cable sets for HD.
  • Multitrack cable harnesses for tape machines or DAW's. Opposite ends terminate in ELCO's, line connectors or patchbays.
  • Mic Cables built with special quad conductor cable.
  • MIDI cables for live and studio use.
  • Wire your entire road setup. We take extra measures to ensure that your connections hold up and sound good when you're out taking it to the people.
  • All of our assemblies include full documentation and machine printed labels on all ends. We can even customize your identification info onto snake labels.

  • In a fixed situation inside of studio furniture we normally don't cover audio pairs in a beakout with anything. In a situation where a cable will be plugged and unplugged or moved around we cover each pair with Flexo Sleeving. The Flexo is used to prevent tangles and protect the pair. We also use it to group pairs together such as on a 16 pair HD harness where 8 of the pairs split out to inputs, the 8 others go to outputs. Each group is covered with Flexo. It protects, prevents those nasty tangles and looks great.

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    Above is an example of a studio breakout box harness custom built to plug into the back of a mixer.

    This is a cable harness used to connect to a Scott Studios SS32 Automated System.

    Custom built to connect to an 001 box. Pairs 1 and 2 plug in in the front of the unit.
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