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Read about Immaculate Connections in the October 2003 issue of ProSoundNews page 53!

"It's always best to do it right the first time" ~MR


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Computers Page

How many computers are in your studio? Your office? Your home? How many do you carry around with you? Computers have all but taken over. The people at ICI have kept up with the trend.

  • We are experts at installation, repairs, custom built high performance systems, upgrades and consultations on what would be the right system for your application.

  • ICI can also take your system and do a clean up on the insides. Besides removing all the dirt inside we can rewire the insides to look like one of our cabling jobs- everything tied neatly and efficiently. This not only increases the airflow inside the case but makes the situation a lot better when it's time to upgrade or repair your system. We will also cover all power supply cables in Flexo sleeving to further neaten the wiring. And we make custom power supply and switch cables for case modders.

  • We've done a lot of remote PC and Mac computer installations using Cybex and Gefen boxes. In the early days they were connected by 25 conductor cable but now we use a single CAT5 cable to remote 1 computer's keyboard, video, mouse and sometimes USB, serial and audio.

  • We have a lot of experience running CAT5 and Power Sum in facility installations, used for data and for audio.

  • We are fully experienced with the use of 66 Block, 110 Block, ADC QCP, and we've raised Krone wiring to an artform.

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