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Adapter cable for portable DAW. 1/4" connectors plug into DAW, TT connectors go straight into patchbay and are grouped by red (inputs to DAW) and black (outputs from DAW). One of cable harnesses for connecting balanced audio on an ADAT machine. 56 pin EDAC/ELCO on one end with 1/4"stereo connectors on 18" breakouts covered with Flexo sleeving. Close-up of 1/4" connector ends. Shows the attention to detail used in the construction of these cables including easy to read labeling. Close-up of 1/4" TRS harness for longframe patchbay. With XLR's or 1/4" stereo's on the other end, a cable like this is great for gear that moves in and out of your studio.
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This is one of a set of panels we designed and built for a client that is regularly on tour around the world. It quickly connects 16 channels of balanced audio on the EDAC/ELCO and 10 channels of MIDI without going inside the rack. Another shot of one of our Audio/MIDI panels. These panels save a lot of time during setup. Taking less time to setup leaves our clients with more time to work on the sound. This harness connects analog audio on a Scott Studios SS32 system, used in radio broadcast facilities. It has 1 stereo set of inputs and 4 stereo outputs, all connected to a 25 pin, high density D connector. Alba makes this difficult soldering job look easy! This harness was built for another one of our broadcast clients. It is used in a production studio to connect the bus outputs of a Mackie 8 buss to the 8 inputs of a Pro Tools 001 box. Note that inputs 1 and 2 have to plug in on the front of the unit.
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This breakout box was built in our shop and sent to a client in New York City. It was mounted to the wall in their studio and carried mic inputs and headphones to/from their control room. We were wiring several Wegener Satellite Receivers and decided to put the relay wiring on these 0.187" headers instead of having to screw and unscrew 32 separate wires on terminal strips on the back of the unit. Change outs will be lot quicker and easier. This shows the whole Wegener Satellite Receiver closures cable. The AMP connector is used to plug into the side of a Krone (or 66) block. The 2 wires that extend farthest to the right are used to connect to the alarm function of the unit.