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Part of the crew working on Premiere Radio Networks Network Operations Center. L-R Alex Woltman, Alba R-R, Pete Perkins. Alex Woltman wiring behind a rack. Alba Rivera-Robertson, President of ICI. The NOC.
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Studio wiring expert Tess Stein hooking up a set of near fields. Alba R-R wiring a coaxial patch panel in New York City. Alba and Kurt Stein working behind the racks in the NOC. The Krone Wall in the transmission room in NYC.
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Alba pops up for a look in one of the NYC studios. Talk about dedication to the job, she's shown here working on the floor under a desk, almost 7 months pregnant with darling little Morgan! One more of Alba testing CAT5 tie lines. FINALLY!!! We catch Mitch on his knees behind a rack!!! Sometimes we have to put cables inside of flexible conduits to meet fire and construction codes when running under the floors from room to room.