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This shot shows some of the various types of cables pulled throughout a facility to a central rack room. Here we see gray 25-conductor control cable, blue 25 pair power sum, and a big pile of red CAT5. Tile removed right outside the rack room door reveals the many different cables placed in the floors. 32 pair audio cables used for studio tie lines shown going from floor to wall. The black is cable for analog signals, the purple and grays are for digital. We always try to keep all cable runs loose in floors, conduits and raceways because we know that as a facility ages there will be people pulling in new cables and pulling old ones out. It keeps our cables from being stretched tight around corners and also leaves a little extra length on the cable incase it ever needs to be re-tipped or moved. Also, sometimes the building will shift and settle and put pressures of one type or another on cable runways.
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Steve Fredrickson is a good man to have on hand when there's lots of hard work to get done, like pulling masses of heavy cables into a floor! Whenever possible we always leave pull lines inside cable areas to make it easy for the next guys that have to pull cables in. It's fantastic when we have first shot at the floor and can arrange cables as neatly as possible. Alex Woltman with the floor open while building the Network Operations Center at Premiere Radio.
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This work-in-progress shot shows how the cables are dressed from the ladder to the Krone Block cross connect wall. Another way to go is through conduits that run through the ceilings. In the rack room the cables drop out of the wall and into a cable tray or ladder that runs above the racks. In the studios all of the conduits feed into metal pull boxes behind the mixing consoles. Another shot showing the cable ladder. Behind it you can see the cables dropping down from their conduits and also building pipes and power conduits above. One more of the cable ladder.