icwiring_081 icwiring_082 icwiring_083 icwiring_084
A shot showing some real nice work on the back of an I.C.O.N panel. A tighter view. Shown here is one of our lacing bars we custom built to support the 96 wires punched to the back of the I.C.O.N. panel. Another one of the I.C.O.N. Notice the "new"-style tip in the punch tool.
icwiring_085 icwiring_086 icwiring_087 icwiring_088
Here are the I.C.O.N.'s mounted inside their rack. The punchblock side of one of Alba's CAT5 patch panels. Note how she maintained the twists in the pairs all the way to the punch termination. If we aren't using all of the pairs inside a snake cable we usually wrap the unused pairs (known as spares) around the end of the snake. It keeps them neat and preserves the full length of the spares for future use. Alba working on a QCP panel.