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A really beautiful D8B cable harness built by Alba and Mimi for Chris and Yukiko Puram's Outpost Studio in Sherman Oaks. Another angle of Outpost's D8B harness. This one shows how the cables go from the floor behind the board into the console. The girls really did a great job on this one. Also notice the easy-to-read snake labels we put on.
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Yukiko and Alba behind the racks at Outpost Studio. A shot of the Studers connected to one of our custom machine panels in the machine room of Organized Noize studio in Atlanta. This shows the mixer ends of our Digital BMX wire harnesses. One of the On Air broadcast rooms we built.
icwiring_129 icwiring_130 icwiring_131  
A shot to the right of the mixing console in the last picture showing the equipment rack. A shot in the talent booth. One of our custom designed and built mic panels mounted on the wall in Ventura's TDC TV studio.