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BBP Recording Studios, Inc. is going to be the first studio in Los Angeles to be session-ready with a dSP Postation. Owner Brian Boyd had already decided on getting a new Fairlight system, but after spending an afternoon with the Postation he was sold. The system is going into the newly refurbished Studio B. As the factory produces them, 2 more systems will be installed in Studios A and C. Also, the facilities machine room is being moved into a larger space and expanded.

We just finished getting Castle Oaks Recording Studios, Studio D online with 24 tracks of Pro Tools controlled with a Mackie H.U.I., and a video system. Owner Frank Jones took all the equipment from his midi production suite, added an Emu e6400 with 16 outputs, a Soundcraft Spirit, some processing gear, 3 DA-88's, and installed them in this beautiful and luxurious upstairs video sweetening and mix room. The adjoining bedroom suite offers a Jacuzzi and the finishing touches will be a producers lounge and a weight room.

Studio Installations This Decade

BBP Recording Studios, Inc. West Los Angeles, CA Studio B, Digital Studio Processing Postation
Castle Oaks Studios, Calabasas, CA St D 24 Tracks Pro Tools, 24 Tracks DA-88, Soundcraft Spirit
Harald Kloser, Beverly Hills, CA Mackie 8 Buss with Speck Rackmount
Premiere Radio Networks, Sherman Oaks, CA Studio L, The Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show, Pacific Recorders Broadcast Console
BBP Recording Studios, Inc. West Los Angeles, CA Studio C, DDA Mixer, Pro Tools
The Video Plant, Studio City, CA TAC Magnum
Castle Oaks Studios, Calabasas, CA St C 36 Ch TAC Matchless with Mackie 8 Buss
Premiere Radio Networks, Sherman Oaks, CA After Midnite Air Studio H
Dr. John Barrone's project studio, Hollywood, CA Soundcraft Ghost
Jeff Pescetto's project studio, Agoura Hills, CA Soundcraft Ghost
Organized Noize Productions, Atlanta, GA Solid State Logic 4064 G+ Series
The Ron Diamond Show, Calabasa, CA Audioarts Engineering R-16 Mixer
3 Way Street Productions, Hollywood, CA Amek 44 Channel Big with Supertrue 3.2 Automation
Utopia Music, Los Angeles, CA Mackie 36/8
Cutler Productions, Tarzana, CA Studio D Mackie 24/8
Cutler Productions, Tarazana, CA Studio C+ (The Ron Diamond Show) Broadcast Audio Board
GH Records, San Diego, CA 44 Channel Amek Big w/ Supertrue Automation
So Sound, Canoga Park, CA Mackie 36/8, Protools III
Kephart Sound Recording, Woodland Hills, CA Yamaha Promix 01
Herbie Hancock, West Hollywood, CA Euphonix CS 2000
Mgrdichian Music, Toluca Lake, CA Mackie 32/8 + 24 channel exp + 1604
Yab Yum Records, Los Angeles, CA Studio A, Solid State Logic 6056 E series
Yab Yum Records, Los Angeles, CA Studio C, C.A.D. Maxcon II 56 channel
Joe Zawinul, The Music Room, New York, NY 44 Ch. Amek Einstein w/ Supertrue Automation
Cutler Productions, Tarzana, CA Studio A, Soundcraft Delta
Cutler Productions, Tarzana, CA Studio C, Mackie 1604
Johnny Yuma Recording, Burbank, CA The Rock Room, Soundcraft TS24
All Talk Talent Agency, Palm Springs, CA Tascam Model 15
Skip Saylor Recording, Hollywood, CA Studio A Solid State Logic 4080 G Series
G-S Records, Los Angeles, CA Soundcraft TS12

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The SSL 6056 E Series cables receiving their DL pins. Note the
prophylactic measure taken to protect the board during an install.

This shows the service loop built into these pull out racks.