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 BREAKOUT PANEL FOR PRO TOOLS HD I/O 8 x 8 x 8 INTERFACE edit copy - Product Image Click for larger image


This is a top of the line 19 inch rack panel and cable assembly, perfect for analog and digital audio connection to an HD I/O 8 x 8 x 8 interface unit. And others. This device is wired with Tascam/Pro Tools Industry Standard DB25 connections. By request we can build these with any DB25 configuration for you. Click on drop down menus below to choose cable lengths and other options.
  • This is the fastest, most convenient and reliable way to connect various audio in and out of your interface.
  • All connectors and materials are high quality, industry standard for Pro Audio.
  • Easy hookup. The DB25's are equipped with thumbscrews for simple connection. No tiny screwdriver necessary.
  • Includes the four most commonly used audio formats, all connect with DB25 to the back of the interface:

    1. Analog +4 dBu inputs on female XLR of the 8 combo connectors.
    2. Analog -10 dBV inputs on female 1/4 " TRS of the 8 combo connectors.
    3. Analog +4 dBu ouputs on 8 male XLR connectors.
    4. Digital AES/EBU inputs on 4 female XLR and outputs on 4 male XLR.
In your studio this panel can be mounted on the front of your rack for easy audio connection to and from your equipment. No more hassles trying to get to the back of the rack to plug stuff in. Remember:

Less Time to Connect = More Time to Create

If you're on the road a lot you don't want to keeping banging connectors in and out of your interface. Eventually something expensive will break. Conveniently plug in and out of our panel to take the shock off your box and increase it's life.

The 3 foot cable length is long enough to service most equipment racks and keep things neat inside.

All four of the DB25 connectors are inside metal hoods. These heavy-duty hoods provide extra protection and RF shielding for your audio signals. They are equipped with nice long thumbscrews for easy connection, no tiny screwdriver needed.

The panel is 2 rack units tall. The rear of the panel has a slotted tray to hold the cabling and protect the panel connections. It is 5 inches deep.

As always we can easily build any of our products to your custom specification and offer you discounts on multiple item purchases.


Price: $648.51 
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