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1/8" Mini Phone (3.5mm) to 2 - Right Angle 1/4" Phone - Product Image
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1/8" Mini Phone (3.5mm) to 2 - Right Angle 1/4" Phone

12' cable costs $36.58. Click on drop down menus below to choose lengths and other options. Machine printed, self-laminating wire labels are included free of charge if you ask for them and tell us what to print on them.

There are a lot of happy, working DJ's and Production Specialists out there using this hookup. It's not like the flimsy cables you buy from the big stores. This high-end product works exceptionally well for taking audio to and from your Computers and MP3 devices. If you need your stuff to work reliably, gig to gig, day in and day out, this will cover you.

This product may be used for inputs or outputs.

Belden 1504A cable features:
  • Dual Twisted Pairs
  • Easy to read color-coded PVC jackets (Red is Right Channel)
  • Flexible and durable outer jacket
  • Individually shielded Beldfoil ® (100% coverage) and overall Beldfoil shield
  • 22 AWG stranded (19x34) Tinned Copper conductor
  • 24 AWG Stranded Tinned Copper drain wire to block EMI and RFI interference
  • NEC(UL) Spec: CM, CEC/C(UL) Spec: CM

Canare F-12 1/8" Mini Plugs:

  • Robust, dependable construction
  • Brass with nickel/gold plating
  • 360-degree cable strain relief
  • Beautiful, long lasting finish

Switchcraft 236 Right Angle 1/4" Plug:

  • Right-angle handle minimizes space required behind equipment
  • Low profile: Only 1/2 inch wide. Perfect for crowded, multi-channel panels
  • All metal exterior construction
  • Knurled handles provides positive grip during connect / disconnect
  • Rugged cable clamp for excellent cable strain relief


Price: $36.58 
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