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MOGAMI 110 OHM DB25 to DB25 - Product Image
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MOGAMI 110 OHM DB25 to DB25

8' cable costs $147.52. Click on drop down menus below to choose lengths and other options.

Picture shows metal DB25 hoods with Thumbscrew Option.

This cable comes in three versions:
  1. Analog or Digital Link Cable. To connect 8 channels of analog audio between units or from a unit to patchbays. Also to connect 16 channels of AES/EBU digital audio to patchbays and other devices. (Pin to pin wiring.)
  2. AES/EBU Dubbing Cable. For making digital audio connections between two units. Outputs on one end go to Inputs on the other and visa-versa.
  3. Extension Cable. For extending standard DB25 audio cables. Comes with the usual male DB25 on one end but has a female DB25 on the other. The female connector has sockets instead of screws so that a male connector from another cable will plug and securely screw into it.

These are built with Mogami 3162, 8 channel, 110 ohm digital audio cable.

Both of the DB25 connectors are enclosed with metal AMP hoods. These heavy-duty hoods provide extra protection and RF shielding for your audio signals. And they are equipped with nice long thumbscrews for easy connection, no screwdriver necessary.


Price: $147.52 
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