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8' cable with 2 Nickel Housing / Silver Contacts Female XLR's going to 2 Nickel Housing / Silver Contacts Male XLR's costs $46.74.

We typically build these with an 8 inch breakout on each end. If you would like that different please indicate so in the Instructions box below. Options include:

  • A great selection of connectors.
  • You can add Flexo Sleeve to the individual wire ends. It does a great job of preventing tangles and also protects the wires. Because Flexo Sleeve covers the wires you automatically get custom wire labels when you add it to any set of ends.
  • Custom wire labels for individual ends and also for overall snake ends. Great for easy identification of signal and/or ownership.
  • Add a Kellums Grip for strain releaf protection on either or both ends.
  • WBT 4% Silver Solder for the best high frequency response.

Click on drop down menus to choose lengths and other options.


Price: $46.74 
Cable Length  
End 1 Connectors  
End 2 Connectors  
Flexo Sleeve  
Individual Wires Labeling  
Snake Labeling  
Kellums Grip  
Solder Type  
Individual Wire Labels:

Snake Labels:

Other Instructions:


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