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icwiring_021 icwiring_022 icwiring_023 icwiring_024
Wiring Goddesses at work!!! A nice shot of Mimi (left) and Alba (right) working on the BMX Digital wiring harness in our shop. Mimi (left) is getting ready to punch the wires on the Krone block. Alba (right) is putting AMP connectors on the other ends. Mimi really enjoys her work! The console ends of the harness look done but the Krones are still being wired.
icwiring_025 icwiring_026 icwiring_027 icwiring_028
Alba is building a beautiful breakout that will plug neatly into one of the output modules of the mixer. A close-up of the neat bundling job on the main bulk of wire in the harness. Preparing to punch the Krone blocks. This shot shows how the wires are bundled underneath the Krones.
icwiring_029 icwiring_030 icwiring_031 icwiring_032
All of the pairs pop up right where they are supposed to be, ready to be punched down from the inside of the block. This shows the full wire system including Krone blocks that are used for patchbay connections. Everything at an angle! A little closer shot.