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icwiring_033 icwiring_034 icwiring_035 icwiring_036
This picture shows how neatly the pairs breakout and are bundled to plug into the top of the mixer, under the meter bridge. A nice shot showing the custom labeling job that we created for the Krone blocks. This makes it so easy for our clients to quickly connect and makes changes to the wiring on their console. Also notice how nicely the cables are bundled into the harness. A little closer, a little more detail shown. Looks great from the top too!
icwiring_037 icwiring_038 icwiring_039 icwiring_040
This is the breakout for one of the output modules. Everything breaks out right where it is supposed to plug in. This close-up shows the uniformity of the ends and the machine printed labels that we put on all wire ends. Printed on the labels is a unique ID refence number and a title stating the function of the wire. The labels are printed straight out of the wiring database that we create for all of our jobs. Shipped to NYC and installed in the studio furniture. We custom built this one by only referring to the furniture drawings. It was (of course) a perfect fit and is used in one of the busiest radio studios in the country. Another shot of our beautiful finished product installed in New York.