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I.C.O.N. and QCP panels installed in their rack. A close-up of the rear of the I.C.O.N.'s. You can barely see our custom lacing bars we build and install on panels like these. WECO connectors wired to the back of a Benchmark amp system. Note the lacing bars that we custom built and installed to strain relieve the cabling. A close-up of the WECO's.
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We always try to get all the cable dressed into a rack before we install any of the equipment. It makes it so much easier to do a fantastic job of dressing the cables in properly. A nice walkway between the racks. 12 Starguide Satellite Receivers in one rack presented a bit of a challenge. Each one has 6 stereo outputs, a coaxial RF input and closure outputs. We used 25 pair cables split out to 6 D9 connectors on each unit. Flexo sleeving was used to group the pair A rack full of Telos Xtreme ISDN boxes. These also have lots of connections: stereo in and out, opto in's and closure out's, ISDN line and power.
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Another shot of the Telos Xtreme wiring. We dressed all of the cables into the rack so that they would drape into their own spaces on the back of the gear. It worked out quite well. For a better explanation of this situation look at the next picture. Steve Fredrickson never ceases to surprise and amaze us all when it comes to getting into hard-to-reach places to get the job done! An incredible wiring job by Mimi! This is a 7-foot high rack full of DTMF encoders and decoders. Mimi had to squeeze inside the back of this rack to wire 96 - DB25 connectors onto the backs of card frame chassis. We also built custom lacing bars for the card frames.