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Each DTMF card needs 16 conductors to connect their in's and out's. One 50-conductor cable is used to connect 3 cards. Mimi did an excellent job of splitting the wires into groups and covering the groups with black Flexo Sleeving. A close-up of the back of the DTMF cards. One more of the DTMF rack. Card chassis wiring.
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Pete "Pedro" Perkins running cables into the rack. 66 blocks for control and phone wiring along with CAT5 patch panels mounted under the desktop in this studio. A nice lineup of I.C.O.N. panels. Dressing these cables was easy with our custom lacing bars we installed on the panels. Sometimes you have to squeeze things in wherever you have a little space, like we did with the 66 blocks on the side of the rack, inside the cabinet.