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Here's the crew starting the Network Operations Center cross connect wall. We wired close to 200 Krone Blocks. Shown L-to-R: Sarah Costa, Alba Rivera-Robertson, Lala Friend and Corky Tannasay. Notice how neatly Alba dresses the cables from the floor to the wall. How many thousands of connections and signal paths are there here? All dependably and neatly wired by the ICI team! Another angle on this "Wall of Krone!"
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This wall holds all of the signal path connections for racks of nearby equipment racks. The regular Krone Blocks are for audio and the Megablocks (same connection as Krone blocks but with higher density) are for DTMF signals and relay closures. A closer look at the wired Krone Blocks. Note the custom label strips we use to make running and tracing cables a lot easier. The snake labels shown there are printed right out of the wiring database we use to document our jobs. Dressing the cabling neatly is extremely important in a large facility. Otherwise you end up with a big, tangled mess that's hard to keep track of and hard to add to. The Krone cross connect and coaxial tie line panels we wired in the Transmission Room in New York City.
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Another transmission Room, this one in Burbank, CA. The left column of blocks holds 32-pair AES cable, the center column holds on one side paired, low-capacitance cable for RS-485 tie lines and on the other side 2-pair low cap cable for RS-232 tie lines. This is the ground plane plate in the transmission room. It holds 2 ground wires from each of the studios in the facility. There is a cable welded to one of the girders in the building attached on the top-left of this plate. Various types of facility cables that are waiting to be organized and punched down on the wall. A close-up of the transmission Room BNC panel that connects 75 ohm coaxial tie lines to all studios on the floor.