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A group of 66 blocks with power-sum cable punched down on them. This is to connect telephone and control signals throughout the facility. A nice shot of the Krone Megablocks. A very high-density wiring situation where each row holds 50 terminations. The backside of these are connected with 50-conductor AMP ends. The 50-condutor wires each split out to several different pieces of gear. Each row is less than a foot wide and holds 50 connections. A close-up of our cross-connect wiring on the Megablocks.
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These are ADC IWS panels. Each one holds the equivalent of 4 - I.C.O.N. panels and is wired using the same tools and techniques. The IWS panels have convenient lacing bars on them. Another shot showing how we dressed the cables from the floor up onto the wall. ADC IWS wall panels.